Volunteer Opportunity!

mcac-360x240-360x240BAA MEMBERS! Come represent & spread the word about the BAA while showing off your work and sharing your contact info! Good for the group, & good for you! Each volunteer can bring one or two pieces of art, pottery, etc. to EXHIBIT only, PLUS business cards & information to share. BAA is not a seller at the event, but this is GREAT publicity!

If you’re interested in volunteering for the BAA booth at Magic City Art Connection, contact Kathryn Garikes now!

Kathryn Garikes, volunteer coordinator: kathryngarikes@gmail.com

Magic City Art Connection 2014: April 25, 26, 27

Friday 10-6 April 25th
9:45-12:00  Sharon Gates & Littia
11:45-2:00  Sharon Gates & Phillip Forstall
1:45-4:00   Francis Hopkins & ———
3:45-6:00   Francis Hopkins & Kathryn Garikes
Saturday 10-6 April 26th
9:45-12:00  Libby P & Kathy Fillippeli
11:45-2:00  Sharon & Laura Nigg
1:45-4:00    Sharon & Ann Phillips
3:45-6:00    Sharon & Phillip Forstall
Sunday 10-5 April 27th
9:45-12:00  Kathy fillippeli &——–
11:45-2:00 Kathy Fillippeli &——-
1:45-4:00  Mary Liz Ingram & Robin Miller
3:45-5:00 Mary Liz Ingram & Robin Miller

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