Pop Up Show @ Andrea Lucas Studios

The Birmingham Art Association will have a Pop Up Art Show at Andrea Lucas Studios, coming up August 23!
Date:  August 23 – 5:30 – 7:30 pm
Place: Andrea Lucas Studio; 1910 1st Ave N; Irondale, Al. 35210 (next door to Irondale Cafe)
An old fashion Hootenanny will follow the art show. More info at http://www.andrealucasstudios.com
All BAA member are invited to submit works for the art exhibit.
All submissions (photo and contact info) should be sent to andrealucasstudios@gmail.com by July 25.
1.   Studio will take only 10% if artists will bring wine ( 2 bottles of 1.5 liter) and hardy snacks. Percentage will be higher for artists who do not bring wine/snacks.
2.   The studio will give 2 free tickets for the 2 members who volunteer at the Hootenanny. One of the members can explain the organization and we will need talent (music, reading, storytelling) for the other volunteer.  All other artists who stay for the Hootennany will need to pay the admission ($10.00)
3.  The studio will need one volunteer to help serve wine and carry art to cars (or 2 people for 2 hr shifts each)
4.   All sales go through the studio register and artists will be paid the first week in September.
5.   Credit card charges (3%) for purchases will be taken out of the artist %.
6.   Artists submissions need to be sent with artist’s info to andrealucasstudios@gmail.com by July 25. Artists will be notified of the selection of artwork within a week of submission.

Please direct any questions to Andrea Lucas at andrealucasstudios@gmail.com


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