Upcoming event: Art in Avondale Park

“Art in Avondale Park’s mission is to inspire children to discover their talents through a wide variety of art making lessons provided by local art teachers, artists and community volunteers. We also have artists who show and sell their art work. This event is Oct 11 from 10-5 in Avondale Park. To register go to artinavondalepark.org and download the artist application.”

Art in Avondale Park is accepting applications for exhibitors.

$45/$40** (before July 31st)
$55/$50** (Aug. 1st – Oct. 1st)
$80/$75** (Oct. 2nd – Oct. 11th)

**You may take $5 off your registration fee if you donate a piece of your work to the tea cup auction. The auction will be held during the festival and all proceeds from the auction will go directly to the Avondale Elementary School art program. Items are due two weeks prior to the festival.

Download our application in PDF format.

Please contact Dottie King for more information.


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