Elaine Mayes at Art Crawl April 2



Don’t forget to drop by The Wade Smith Gallery, 2211 2nd Avenue North in the Loft District during Art Crawl next Thursday, April 2!!!  BAA’s Elaine Mayes will be on site from 5-9 pm with her beautiful paintings.


2 thoughts on “Elaine Mayes at Art Crawl April 2

  1. I was Vice President several years ago but due to health reasons, I gave up my membership. I am ready now to rejoin. How are you doing the dues, what is the cost and how can I join. I know it’s the middle of April, but if there is a way I could pay dues now for the whole year that would be fine. Please e-mail or call 205-915-7720. Thanks

    1. Hi Felicia! We are so excited that you wish to rejoin BAA. It’s very easy. Just go to our website, birminghamartassociation.org, go to the MEMBERSHIP page, and when you scroll down you will find where you can print out the membership application and where to mail it in. Dues are still $50 for individuals, $70 for families, a real deal considering all the exhibition opportunities BAA offers its members at no extra charge.

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