Lorri hanna is the owner of Barefoot Souls, a movement and wellness practice in Birmingham, AL, that integrates movement, nature and creative expression through yoga dance, personal growth retreats and art.  As a soul artist, she captures the essence of global influences through whimsical watercolor/pen and inspirational photography.  Her paintings are imbued with introspection and wholehearted expression, and much like her yoga practice, is meditative.  Lorri’s art reflects her passions for adventure, dance, world travel, nature and spirituality.  She hopes to inspire self-renewal, joy and encouragement through her work and the motivational messages found within her paintings.  Her current body of work, “Yogi Series” integrates yoga asanas (postures) with vibrant chakra colors to create a soothing and uplifting experience.  Lorri is grateful to share he work, as each piece represents the movement and fluidity she witnesses with life.  www.LorriHanna.com

1 Angel 2 breathe yogi 3 India Lady 1 4 mandala embrace 5 mandala Tuscany 6 Rome 7 yogi dancer 8 pink dress tennis shoes

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