Beautiful Displays at the Kessler Building for July!

If you haven’t been by the Kessler Lofts (1926 3rd Ave N., Birmingham), you still have time! Dr. Ann Phillips and Linda Jarvis will have their work on display through the rest of this month. My recommendation is to go during the evening time as the display is in the windows and has excellent lighting. Parking is also convenient at these times, with restaurants nearby, so you can grab a bite to eat! Linda does some incredible work with oil scenes of nature and realism. Ann also has some beautiful floral abstractions with a polychromatic vibrancy. I went down this afternoon and snapped a few photos. I encourage you to take some time and support these two talented members!

Linda Jarvis' Display at the Kessler Lofts
Linda Jarvis’ Display at the Kessler Lofts
Ann Phillips "Landscape of Color" Acrylic
Ann Phillips
“Landscape of Color”

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