August at the Kessler

The BAA is booming with new artists to our organization and Incredible new artwork by our longstanding members! At the Kessler Building, for the month of August, Mandy Harris and Vicki Boyd will have their work on display. If you get a chance, please stop by and see their work.

The Kessler displays are a beautiful place to stroll by in Birmingham on a  sunset evening and see the talent and get inspired! Dr. Ann Phillips has been doing a stellar job keeping these displays coming! Personally, I recommend hitting the arcade at the Paramount with your significant, and then strolling by the evening lit widow displays of the Kessler Lofts. You can see them any time of the night or day just driving up, but it is so much more beautiful at night!

Q: So where is the Kessler Building?

A: 1926 Third Avenue North, Birmingham, AL

If you are worried about parking, go at night–the lighting is intoxicating! Today I went downtown to check these out and snapped some photos:

Vicki Boyd Gallery
Mandy Harris Gallery

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