Workshops in November


The BAA would like to give you a heads-up about a workshop in November!

Chris Saper will be teaching a fabulous workshop in November at Portraits, Inc. in Birmingham. Here is an incredible opportunity for you to continue to expand your knowledge as an artist.
Chris Saper is an experienced artist that will challenge you with her realism! check out her website here:
If anyone would like a hard copy mailed to them, please send an address to
For more information CLICK HERE

One thought on “Workshops in November

  1. Meant to tell you also that I REALLY like the change of Sender from WORDPRESS to “Your Place In Bham for Art.” Looks good. You are really making headway. Thank so much! And tell Kate hello and that I was serious about helping her with a business plan and presentation to my Vet. I’ll be glad to help. I’ve got a soft spot for quiet people, but she’s really not quiet. She just doesn’t talk unless she’s got something to say—unlike me. Wish I had that trait!

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