Beth Bradley’s Art Classes!

Beth's June Pop-up 3Beth Bradley has a few art classes left!!!! Take advantage now!!!


Beautiful Artist,

Fall is upon us–are you ready to paint? Get into the swing of things with my first acrylic painting classes of the season–STARTING NEXT WEEK! We have been having so much fun this summer with some new approaches and the paintings are amazing!

It’s time to get out your brushes and sign up for one of my ever-so-fun 5-class sessions. You get five 2 1/2 hour classes for a total cost of $125.

Secure your spot NOW for five acrylic painting classes at my home studio, 521 Hampton Drive in Homewood (35209). Send or drop by your check or $125 cash.

Come join the fun–I’ll take you every step of the way. . .

SCHEDULETues. DAY Classes, 10:30am–1pm
5 Tuesdays–Sept. 22 & 29; Oct. 13, 20, & 27
Wed. DAY classes, 3pm–5:30pm
5 Wednesdays–Sept. 23 & 30; Oct. 14, 21, & 28
Wed. NIGHT classes, 5:30pm–8pm
5 Wednesdays–Sept. 23 & 30; Oct. 14, 21, & 28
Here are some of the approaches I have presented over the last year.

–Layering. Paint over a previously prepared (dried) canvas. Apply new paint liberally, then scrape with a palette knife to ‘free’ the images & reveal undertones.

–Collaging. Prepare a neutral canvas, adding a medium such as gel or pumice, then lay down elements in a collage style. Apply paint to create images.

–Slapdashing. Prepare a neutral canvas, then visualize and put down the images you ‘see’ (people, trees, flowers, birds) with globs of paint in an impasto method, with a palette knife–it is actually very organic & can project what you feel inside onto the canvas.

–Color blending. Pick 3 warm or 3 cool colors, or a combination, then throw them on a neutrally prepared canvas. Add white & black sparingly. Be amazed as one color blends into another.

–And then there’s Dripping–you’ll have to come to find out more.

YOU ARE GOING TO ADORE WHAT YOU DO! Enjoy wine, munchies, music, candle glow, and genial spirits. Oh, and, of course, acrylic/ mixed media painting!
Hurry to secure your spot.
Call me if you have questions. I can’t wait to see you!

Yours for a more art-filled life,
Beth Bradley
(Your work from these sessions will be included in the Holiday Art Show in early December.)

NOTE: We’ll use the same basic supplies as before.”

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