Sam Collins at October Art Crawl!

S-Collins-HeadshotSam is a fascinating member of the BAA!

Sam has spent the majority of his professional career illustrating the intricacies of the human body, creating cellular landscapes, and explaining scientific concepts through pictures. He is a Certified Medical Illustrator and a Fellow of the Association of Medical Illustrators.

After twenty-five years of such specialized artwork, Sam is creating digital images and mixed media artwork that are reminiscent of days spent on family road trips when he was a kid.

Everyday objects – signs, buildings, cars, music, advertising imagery and events of the mid 20th century, influence Sam’s artwork. Sam searches garage sales, junkyards and swap meets for items he can use in his collage constructions. Sam combines his photos, acrylic paint, wood, metal, silk-screened images and found objects to create a story with his art. His artwork is a commentary on popular culture.

Sam currently lives in Birmingham, Alabama with his wife, Amy (also an artist) and their two children.

Sam will be at the Wade Smith Gallery, Please check here for details: Artsamcollins2samcollins3Crawl

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