Benjamin May


Benjamin Daniel May left a career in the medical management industry to pursue his original and deepest love of art.  In addition to a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in Studio Art, May draws upon his extensive travels, nature, and study of the human psyche to bring new pieces of work to life.  Although May is an Alabama native, he descends from a line of French textile manufacturers and tapestry weavers.  May’s work can be seen as a modern interpretation of tapestry with texture, story, and a combination of harmonious colors.  The color palettes of each painting are intended to appeal to the natural human desire to see visually familiar neutral base tones contrasted against more vibrant hues.   Each unique color interaction creates a particular language which engages the viewer into a unique dialogue.
photo-121 (Small)       IMG_0247 (Small)       photo-60
IMG_0343_2 (Small)       IMG_0288 (Small)       photo-26       Grace  36_ x 48_      Remedy  36_ x 48_


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