Elaine Paseur Mayes

My parents saved a picture I drew of Popeye when I was younger than four years old and arranged for my first art lessons at the age of eight. I have studied art under local and regional artists and in academic institutions. After retirement from educational administration & consultation in Alabama and Tennessee, I began experimenting with a variety of acrylic media, instruments and techniques. My paintings often have exuberant texture and/or controlled paint flow, which I hope encourages the viewer to touch and examine the structure between the paint and the canvas. I label each painting as a “frontlet,” a Biblical reminder of scripture as referenced in Deuteronomy 6, with an associated Bible passage as a testament and ministry. .

I thrive on working with clients to develop personalized commissioned artwork specific to their needs and conducting “Paint, Praise, Prayer, Psalms & Promises” events for groups, churches, or parties.  Unique, original outdoor art on grommeted canvas or wood, such as 8 x 20 foot personalized boathouse art is a joy for me to produce.

Please contact me via phone through 256-312-7083, email at elainemayesart@gmail.com, or through my website www.elainemayesart.com .

A new member to the Birmingham Art Association, I am thrilled at the opportunities made available in promoting our area artists in such a wide variety of settings, networking with exceptionally gifted and responsive members, and educational offerings.

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