Eric Johnson

aa1Eric Johnson boothEric Johnson was born in 1969 in Adamsville, Alabama and grew up in and around Birmingham. At the age of twenty one he began painting and got his first gallery show in Birmingham in 1996. Following his three- year stint as a painter, Eric decided he wanted to try sculpture instead. This led eventually led to Eric sculpting full time represented by numerous galleries in Alabama and Georgia. Eric also worked as a heavy equipment designer during his early sculpting years but now devotes his full time and attention to what he loves, sculpting.

Contact Eric: or


Between the Leaves 12x12 Five 48x48 Four 24x48 GAURD 8X8X17 I Dont Wanna 48x48James 24x24 Laundry Day 24x31 NEW QUAFFE 6X20X20 Patrick Little 48x48 PIT FIGHTER 9X8X23 Spoiled 48x48 Thats Just Silly 48x48

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