Janice James Eubank


After 35 years in the corporate world, I decided to retire and learn how to paint. I am a lifelong resident of the Birmingham area and my mother painted as well as until she developed macular degeneration. I decided to wait to learn to paint later in life, so I started lessons in March 2013. Just as my previous career opened my eyes to many things, so has Art. It’s a whole other fellowship of amazing people who are very willing to share their knowledge and experience and have fun. From Day 1, I was sucked in! I have tried to describe my style or preference of medium but I am all over the place. The quick gratification of acrylic and watercolor vs the soul of oils that can take you deeper into the painting, or crushing glass wrapped in a towel with a hammer just has to speak to me that day. I guess that sounds like what I decide to do depends on the kinda day I am having! But a day with paint is always a good day!!!

IMG_2509   IMG_2213   IMG_3138   DSCN0442   DSCN0021   Umbrella on Crushed Glass   Nouveau Stripes   IMG_2303


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