Jo Ann Mims

Jo Ann Mims is a retired, registered nurse.  She worked for 47 years in the medical field. Happy to retire, she now has time to pursue her passion for painting and jewelry making.  Both her dad and mom were creative and talented people.  Her dad made musical instruments, played them and then sang and danced to them in a Bluegrass band. Her mother painted in oils and acrylics all of her life and on everything and anything that would take paint.  As a result, Jo Ann has always had a deep interest and passion for the creative world.

Her formal education included a second, associate degree in Interior Design which included many art classes, such as drawing, painting and sculpture at UAH in Huntsville, Alabama.  She has dappled, mostly, in the jewelry and craft world until 2008, when she finally picked up the paint brush.  Jo Ann has been making jewelry, off and on, since the 1980s.  Her passion, now however, is painting historical UFO events and PEACE signs in acrylics on canvas.  Jo Ann’s love of jewelry making has “spilled over” into her paintings, as she cannot resist adding crystals/rhinestones in some of her paintings.  Though an amateur painter, she tells a whopper of a story in her UFO paintings.  Her home is in Alabaster, Alabama and you are welcome to contact her through email.

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