Josie Coffman



My name is Josie Coffman and I am a Graphic Designer and Artist born and raised in the South with a love for the outdoors and the study of overall health and nutrition.  I am also a recent graduate of Jacksonville State University where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design with a minor in Nutrition & Foods. I try to incorporate those two interests into my work. An example of this can be seen in a series I named “Think About It,” which directly targets the benefits of consuming the right foods to fuel different parts of the body. As of right now, I am working on a few fruit related pieces, a couple of commissions for clients, some graphic design requests, as well as looking forward to painting a few landscape paintings based off of our recent trip to Colorado on our honeymoon. I really enjoy how painting becomes a stress reliever and how letting go on the canvas can produce some of the most beautiful, heart provoking pieces rather than overthinking the actual method to your madness when creating. I enjoy the little details, layers, and depth to my work.  For me, art is a way of life. It’s a lens that you see the world differently through.

I began my career as a graphic designer at Elbit Systems of America located in Talladega, AL where I received a year long Co-Op. I was able to learn the ins and outs of how corporate marketing works as I worked to update their marketing materials and establish the title graphic designer where I have recently signed on as a contract Graphic designer. Upon graduating with my Bachelor of Arts, I received a position at Graham & Company LLC as their main graphic designer. I have thoroughly enjoyed this position so far and look forward to how it may further my career in the future.

My specialties include Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, some HTML/ CSS and fine art including the use of oils and watercolors as well as mixed media.

Brainpiece_12by18_print-this-one  Heartpiece_12by18-1

Musclepiece_12by18_print-this-one Skinpiece_12by18_print-this-one

Doctor-Who-PosterAvacado_singleOceanscape_11by14 Orange_slice_12by16 Overthinking_12by16 Seed_piece_11by14

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