Libby Pantazis

Creativity is a talent not lost in law school; it is definitely an asset for a practicing attorney.  Having retired from my practice, I have transferred my creative writing talent to a canvas thick with oils.  Representational paintings of bicycles and boats, pitchers and popsicles, pomegranates and people all have a deeper meaning than the strokes belie. Angles of handle bars tell a story as much as words could describe a departure into a French bakery. The many values of red in a pomegranate underscore its choice as the fruit offered up to Dionysius, the God of Wine and Fertility.

My paintings have been enhanced by study with Barbara Evans, Dan McCaw, Kim English, Joe Paquet, Lucy Mazzaferro, Nancy Chaboun and their reference to Sorolla, whose work I was privileged to observe in Spain. The joy of painting outside with my dogs at my feet in Birmingham, Alabama or in a group on the streets of Avalon, California or Beaune, France is only surpassed by spending time with my family and my most recent Hot Air Balloon ride in Albuquerque, New Mexico!


2012 Energen Art Competition; multiple paintings accepted

2011 Energen Art Competition; multiple paintings accepted

2010 Birmingham Art Association Juried Competition; multiple paintings accepted

Gallery association

Arceneaux Art Gallery , 1830 29th Avenue South Homewood, AL 35209


Birmingham Art Association and Mountain Brook Art Association


2012 Indian Springs Faculty and Friends

2011 Decorators’ ShowHouse, Birmingham Art Association Village Art Festival, Mt Brook Art Association Spring Show

2010 Birmingham Art Association Show, Mt Brook Art Association Holiday and Spring Show

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