Michael Jones

My name is Michael Jones and I was born in birmingham, Al.  I have been doing art since I was a toddler.  It actually runs in my family; my mother is also an artist. I attended The Alabama School of Fine Arts for one year in high school.  Art has always been one of my most biggest passions and I am a self taught artist.  I work hard and strive to get better and better by challenging myself.  I enjoy looking at other individuals art also because I admire a person’s creativity as I think and say to myself how did they come up with or how did they put this together.  Art is a fascinating thing to the mind and the human eye.  I can use any medium for art but I mostly use graphite or acrylic paint.  Those are my favorites.

ATT_1427852381924_Screenshot_2015-03-31-08-48-28-1   ATT_1431720390619_Screenshot_2015-04-22-09-48-22-1   ATT_1431720418128_ATT_1427830779433_Screenshot_2015-03-23-20-00-32-1   ATT_1431720452144_ATT_1427830770853_Screenshot_2015-03-31-08-49-13-1   Screenshot_2015-05-15-14-54-12-1   Screenshot_2015-05-15-14-54-27-1   Screenshot_2015-05-15-14-55-11-1   Screenshot_2015-05-15-14-55-23-1

One thought on “Michael Jones

  1. Hey Michael, Your work is so good.
    It was nice to meet you last night and I hope you will contact Ann about showing your work at the Kessler Lofts as well as some of the other oppertunities that were talked about.
    Steve Mccluskey

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