Sylvia Pérez-Casellas

My name is Sylvia N. Perez-Casellas. I was born in Puerto Rico, a beautiful Caribbean island full of colors, warmth, and delightful smells. This atmosphere shaped my feelings, thoughts, likes and wants, giving me plenty of inspiration for my artistic development.

My passion for painting and drawing is complimented with a love for music and cooking .The constant search of esthetic experiences led me to study a Master’s Degree in Architecture at the University of Puerto Rico in Rio Piedras, where I graduated in 2009.  I worked in a design office until 2013, when a job opportunity for my husband brought us to Birmingham AL. Living here, far from my family and the life I knew, gave me a nostalgic inspiration, and the canvas and acrylic helped fill that void. Another event that gave me a boost of inspiration was the birth of my son (although, while pregnant I cannot say the same). This little partner in crime paints my darkest hours with his smile, even though it’s 3am and I want to sleep.

I like to paint anything that inspires me.  Interestingly, most of my works are portraits, but I enjoy painting still nature, abstracts, landscape, cartoons, etc. One of my favorite things to do in my work is to create contrast between light and shadows or using complementary colors. Doing this I can express intensity and passion in a hyperbolic way. My media preferences are: acrylic in canvas, acrylic in wood, graphite pencil, colored pencils, carbon, conté, water colors, markers, ink, pastels, and oil pastels in paper.

Through images, shapes, faces, scenes, and colors, I want to celebrate life; a realistic and sometimes surreal life. Where the feelings are not suppressed, and the existence in the World is accepted or questioned in a respectful way.

At Last

Eva Fértil


Padre Pío 2

lady in redBlue Cornmealte miro

The Walrus 1b

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