Tom Dameron

Tom Dameron is a local Artist and Sousaphone player with The Lengendary Pineapple Skinners jazz band and The Old Fashioned Rhythm Method.  More information can be found about the bands at, and Facebook.

Tom works in a variety of mediums:  pencil, watercolor, etchings, serigraphy, acrylics and stained glass.  The focus of his work is the celebration of people and nature.  Portraiture is a favorite method he uses to capture people in their normal surroundings and to tell stories.  Flowers are another favorite subject in his art because of their quiet beauty and peacefulness.



Tom Dameron, Artist  Amaryllis I Encaustic Sm  Balloon Flowers Acrylic Sm  Croton Encaustic Sm  Gerber Daisies Encaustic Sm  Gerber Daisies Encaustic Sm  Melissa's Bouquet Watercolor Small  Springtime Acrylic Sm  New Orleans Graphite  Sm  Water Lily Pond at Giverny Etching Sm

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