William Colclough Thomas

William focuses his work within the realm of botanical art, providing a fresh vision of realism to environment with a concertedly expressive technique. His current series ‘En Masse’ specifically reflects the environ of each species within a mass setting. Each floral and/or foliage specimen is presented as it thrives amongst many of its kind, which highlights variety of shape, contour, foliage display, play of light, color, rhythmic vibrancy and balance. This approach engenders the artist with a freedom of expression, exploration and creativity within the chosen medium of acrylic on canvas. The size, style and presentation put his work outside the traditional realm of botanical illustration, but clearly, it is creative botanical art with a studied eye toward botanical accuracy. This affords the artist a deeper, more personal means to communicate, partake in nature and show his gratitude.

William was an award-winning editorial illustrator/graphic artist/page designer for The Birmingham News, for over 25 years under the tag line: NEWS STAFF ILLUSTRATION / BILL THOMAS. He has recently been able to break free from a long career to focus on his true love of painting and the natural landscape.

William’s middle name is pronounced Coke-Lee (it’s old English).

Visit his website to view more of his work: www.williamthomasart.com

Contact him by email: bthomasbr43240@att.net

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